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What’s So Appealing About Funny T-Shirts

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Funny T-Shirts

What’s So Appealing About Funny T-Shirts

What’s So Appealing About Funny T-Shirts


I don't age. i Just Level up.
There is a nod to Mario Bros with, “I Don’t Age. I Just Level Up?”

Graphic t-shirts are a popular buy for people because of eye-catching designs and references to pop culture that are constantly reprinted to put on us, The t-shirt itself is thought of as rebellious and what’s on it can be reflective of what you like and who you are. Set upon various color backgrounds, the graphics on them make it very attractive to the wearers.
It has been described as, “A blank canvas… that associates you with a specific cultural movement or tribe,” and, for notable slogans, “the medium for the message.”

At LOL Shirts Company, we are about making t-shirts that have a message, a funny message, on us. It is easy to revert to a pop culture logo and pay the extra money, but that just seems bland. How about something original? How about something that is relatable and is lively rather than dark? It’s all about funny t-shirts because we want more humor in our lives and spread the positive euphoria. Forget about what is happening around the world and on our televisions. People need to, as it stands for, laugh out loud.

For example, for the video game, Call Of Duty fans, how about a slim cut, classic, or V-neck t-shirt that breaks its death ratio, “99% Total Bullshit. 1% better opponent?” Or throwing shade to Google with, “I don’t need Google. My wife knows everything?” Or, something risqué for the adults in the room: “Karma is like a 69. You get what you give?” “My ride is a BMW… A Bloody Moaning Woman,” is an eye-catcher for sure. These are adult jokes that some may even wink at because they recognize the farce of their lives, which is the point of these funny t-shirts.


But, it’s not just about men’s behavior. For the women, there’s the very obvious, “Save A Tree. Eat A Beaver.” Then, there’s the, “Dirty Bird,” which has a double-entendre graphic of what may be a bird, but the body is shaped like…well, see it for yourself. It’s not just about dirty humor. There is a nod to Mario Bros with, “I Don’t Age. I Just Level Up?” Or, for the toddlers: “[Poop Emoji] Machine?” These are funny messages to have out and they aren’t that filthy or obscene.

The longevity of T-shirts and their appeal is very long-lasting for us to stick with. It isn’t just another piece of clothing, but another physical representation of our personality. Graphic t-shirts, with any message, are so simple. T-shirts are a casual item that can promote some time of connection. With a funny t-shirt, it’s an example of an extroverted piece of attire that is casual to have anywhere and is very comfortable.

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