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Week 5

Well, another week has ended, here is a weekly blog to inform you the new designs and any updates,

Other news

This week we have released 6 new t-shirt designs,
From a range of diffrent themes from; pi to Pokémon.

Make sure to check them out and let us know if they made you LOL.

New Products This Week

Here is all our latest funny t-shirts and designs from the past 7 days.

YouTubers and Influencers

Don’t miss the latest designs for our YouTubers and Influencers

New Updates & Features

Here is all the latest news on new designs,products and our weekly update.

If you have any ideas for new t-shirts let us know, if we use the Joke, we will give you a £5 gift Voucher.

We have received 2 emails this week, leading us to remove a design from our website.

And please accept our apologies, we have now created a page, dedicated to complaints.[link]

Every new design will be at the sale price for the first two months.

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