Our #Spreadthelaughter campaign

Whilst watching the daily news with a cup of Tea Rick, Kelly and Honey (owners of LOLShirts Company) was amazed at all the Crap that’s kicking off around the world, and all agreed they wished they could lighten people’s days up. BANG! That’s where the brain fart began and the concept of #spreadthelaughter.

With so much negative news and trouble in the world, we started the #spreadthelaughter campaign.

Here’s what one totally “real publication” had to say about us:

This campaign to solve all of the world’s problems with a single hashtag and some funny t-shirts is the most brilliant move in history. It already has cured several strains of the common cold and ended one spat between two grandmothers who has a disagreement about which buttons looked best on a cardigan.
The Sun Newspaper

Everyone needs to stop and smile. No matter how troubling the world’s current affairs can be, there’s always a reason to look on the bright side of life. Share that hope that humanity won’t blast itself back to the stone age with a funny t-shirt.

As you can see, we’re here to change the whole entire world one torso at a time, well at least try to make more people LOL.

How can you help?

Even if you don’t buy a product from us you can help us by following us on our social networks and sharing our designs with the the hashtag #spreadthelaughter